Skilling Up & Studying

You Can Do It Too

Want to take home some basic but invaluable shamanic self-help techniques to start using straight away?

Like to know how to empower, guide and protect yourself, your family, your home and your work?

  • Invaluable skills
  • Learn in 2 hrs
  • Use NOW

Empower Yourself


(1-2 sessions)

Would it Help Me?

Especially useful for anyone (from young children to adults) who:

  • Is sensitive, or an Empath
  • Has difficulty coping with crowded/pressured places like shopping centres, rush hours, busy school environments or social gatherings
  • Finds other people (rather than places or situations) draining. Either particular ones, or people in general.
  • Whose personal, work or home life is especially challenging at present
  • Has experienced spiritual interference – such as an Attachment or a Psychic Attack – and wishes to reduce the chances of that happening again.
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At Work

Protection techniques can also be invaluable for those work involves full-on, potentially stressful daily interaction with either individual clients or the general public: whether face to face, or down the phone.

High on the list:

  • health service workers like doctors, nurses and veterinary staff
  • teachers
  • travel facilitators (such as airport or railway staff)
  • receptionists
  • emergency services including the police, ambulance workers and firefighters
  • call centre operatives
  • charity workers
  • council and social services employees,
  • armed forces personnel
  • pharmacy staff
  • catering or hospitality personnel
  • therapists

What I’ll teach you

  • The basics of creating protective shamanic energetic constructs around your own self, those you love, your home and your work.
  • These may be as simple as a single powerful visualization. Or they may be multifactoral, depending on the issue.
  • Maintaining these, keeping them strong and effective. Otherwise, they tend to weaken over time.
  • Angelic, archangelic and other positive spiritual helper support
  • A brief look at protective items such as herbs, salts, energy essences and crystals.
  • A bit of homework
  • A short, simple but personalized Protection routine to use on a regular basis.
Spiritual self-protection has a lot in common with working your abs: the more you do it the stronger it gets. But if not exercised, it can become a bit – er, flabby…


(2 sessions)

Finding Your Way

Seeking guidance on a question or situation

Find your way forward: learn to Journey with focus, clarity, and wonder…

This can be an invaluable tool for navigating life when you’re faced with confusing situations, difficult choices, or a specific question you just cannot seem to find the answer to.

Journeying is the compass in your head.

And because it lies at the heart of shamanic practice, shamen are sometimes called Walkers Between Worlds – the men and women who can move freely between our ordinary 3D world, and other planes of reality.

You can do it too

Want to learn the basics of walking between worlds? I can teach you how to do so safely and effectively.

Your first training session involves some theory, plus a guided journey, so you can experience this technique immediately.

Your second training session involves you doing a full-on Journey for yourself, while I hold the space and support you.

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To develop your technique in this area – and ensure you don’t lose the knack – it’s vital to commit to a minimum of one journey on your own every week for the first 6-8 weeks, keeping a written record of each journey as you go. After that, keep practicing as often as you can.

If feel you cannot commit to the practicing – understood! There’s a lot to fit into life, and this may prove just one thing too many. But to be honest, unless you can put in the time, it would not be worth you learning this technique in the first place.

What I’ll teach you

  • Basic grounding, focusing and protection for Journeying.
  • Introduction to the Upper and Lower Worlds.
  • Finding your two personal Access Mundis (entrances to different planes of reality). Getting there – and back again.
  • The guides and helpers who can support you.
  • How to frame your question clearly, and with intent. This is vital. If you don’t make yourself clear, you’re likely to get a confusing response.
  • Some background on interpretation and symbolism. Journey information can be a bit cryptic.
  • Homework (just a little bit)
  • Guidelines for regular practice.


(1-2 sessions)

Standing Strong

Grounding’s especially helpful for anyone who’s:

  • Stressed
  • Overwhelmed
  • Juggling several different things
  • Having trouble calming down/unwinding
  • Finding it increasingly difficult to focus
  • Sensitive, or an Empath
  • Finds they can be quite easily tired, or knocked off course, by others
  • Becoming increasingly spiritually aware
  • Having trouble manifesting their own ideas
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Make your ideas happen

Grounding techniques can also bring your plans and ideas down from the realm of pure ideas, and into the physical world. In short, it’s a way to help make your dreams a reality.

The Most Effective Techniques

I can teach you how to ground YOUR PLANS

by using simple Visualisation – designing and seeing in your mind’s eye (in detail) the specific thing you wish to manifest. All you need to do is decide:

  1. Exactly what you want: perhaps deep roots for stability, a peaceful place to go and be calm, a home and everything you need in it, a publisher for that book you’re writing.
  2. Precisely how that will look (eg the front door and layout of your future home, the front cover and contents page of your book.
I will also show you how to ground YOUR OWN SELF:

When you’re grounded you’ll feel good, and be in your power – stable, calm and strong. Another plus is the more firmly grounded you are, the more easily you’ll be able to manifest your hopes and ideas.

The following methods are extremely useful:

Five-Star Strategies
  • Sacred pacing/ walking : eg in figures of eight, circles, a labyrinth.
  • Specific breathing patterns : a good one is in for a count of 4, hold for 7, out for 8
  • Drumming: you don’t need an expensive shamanic drum. Your bare hands can make rhythm on a box, a wooden table top or even the kitchen work surface. For it’s the rhythm that’s important, though a resonant drum tone is really helpful(and satisfying) too if you can get it.
  • Connecting physically with the ground in different ways. From yoga poses, stamping rhythmically on floor, leaning your back against a tree to standing barefoot on beach sand / earth /grass.
If life gets especially bonkers, try standing barefoot in mud. Packs triple the grounding power of standing on dry ground.
  • Grounding substances: which foods, herbs, essences, crystals, colours, scents.
  • Daily use of a quick and easy personalised grounding routine (We’re talking 2mins, tops)
  • Manifest via a Tree Partner: Lean against it and meditate on what you want to create. (even for a couple of minutes a day).

This may sound like taking tree-hugging a bit far – but the technique has been validated by the Dept of Psychology at Athens State University. They’re calling it Tree Power Infusion, and using it very successfully to help failing students pass their exams with flying colours. See below.

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Respectfully ask the Tree to help you, by grounding your idea deep into the earth through their roots plus b) take that idea up through their branches then send it high into the sky to Spirit.

This repeatedly links you and your plan with Earth, and Spirit. Your idea grows strong and stable, receiving positive energy from both these powerful and inexhaustible sources.

Result? Repetative daily affirmation of your idea gradually manifests it ever more strongly, until it’s time for it to appear in the physical world.


(1-2 sessions)

Spiritual spring-cleaning

How to clear:

  • Yourself
  • Other people
  • A project that’s getting over-complicated or messy.
  • Spaces and places eg work, home
  • Your work devices (computers, phones, iPads)
  • Your day ahead – including the timeline of an upcoming complex travel day, so it goes smoothly

Tools that Work:

We’ll cover:

  • The Silver Violet Flame of
  • Transmutation & Grace
  • Working with white light
  • Working with the cleansing energies of the natural world, such as Fire,
  • Winds and Water
  • Prayers, and asking specific spiritual helpers for support
  • Utilizing herbs, essences and crystals
  • Using sacred smoke such as White Sage or Sweetgrass, and high vibrational energy clearing essences such as Angelsword.

Tie Cutting

(1 session)

Breaking Free

Undoing the ties that bind, when they are no longer serving you.

(1 session)

In this way, you can release your own self from:

  • a former romantic relationship
  • a toxic friendship
  • an unhelpful work situation
  • unhealthy home circumstances
  • something that’s been draining you, or constantly tugging on you
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Learn How To

  • Use this tie-cutting technique firmly, but also kindly and with compassion, rather than anger or dislike.
  • Ensure all your connections are positive ones which support and enhance you.
  • Let go of outdated attachments which drag you down, or hold you back.

What I’ll Teach You:

  • Speaking with the Higher Self of whoever, or whatever, you are detaching from.
  • Explaining to them what you are doing, and why. That you mean them no harm, but are reclaiming your boundaries.
  • Cutting the actual ties: different ways to do it.
  • Connecting with powerful, benevolent beings who can support you in this: such as Michael: Archangel of Courage, Protection & Strength, breaker of chains.
  • Dissolving or safely disposing of those bindings once they have been cut.
  • Sealing the gaps or tears in both your own energy field and the other’s, where those bindings were formerly attached.

At the end

  • Sending the other party unconditional love and forgiveness – if you can. Plus alternative positive closure strategies if you don’t feel able (or do not wish) to send them love.
  • Closing down fully afterwards.
  • Placing a protective barrier around yourself to discourage any more binding attachments.
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It may also be helpful to check for (and if necessary, bring healing to) any unconscious desire of your own to re-attach.

It’s totally normal and human to want to at some point, as letting go can be really hard, even when it’s you yourself who has made the decision to detatch.

But to address this gives the Unbinding the best possible chance of lasting.

Personal Ceremonies & Rituals

(1 session)

Creating Ceremony

Powerful but low-key personalised ceremonies and rituals with a difference…
Because they’ll be for YOU yourself, rather than for groups of people.

A ceremony can be a full-on happening in front of a big crowd with fire, dancing, drumming, singing and full of symbolic artefacts; or a one-person undertaking that’s quiet and minimal.

Yet even the simplest can:
  • Amplify intention
  • Clarify purpose
  • Focus energy
if it’s carried out with thought, respect and care.

Things you can do rituals for

You can create an effective and meaningful ritual or ceremony for pretty much anything, including:

  • Important beginnings: perhaps a fresh work project or new home
  • Special endings: letting something – or somebody – go
  • Focusing positive intention
  • Bringing in protection
  • Encouraging abundance
  • Sending someone respect and acknowledgement: whether they are alive now, or not
  • Commemorating something that’s important to you
  • Welcoming a new family member: perhaps a baby, or a relative’s new partner
  • Clearing
  • Celebration
  • Gratitude

Getting ready

A week before we work together, I would do shamanic guidance Journey for you. This would provide advice about what to do and use for your ceremony, and I would share all details with you in full.

That information may just be a useful general impression. However, instructions from Spirit can often be highly specific too.

Creating your Ceremony

We would co-create and carry out one individualised ceremony/ritual, its purpose pre-chosen and clearly defined by you yourself.

I would also give you as much information as possible during the session about the subject in general.

What We’d Use

Mostly things from nature, or those which are personal and mean something to you yourself. If Spirit has suggested any particular additional esoteric items such as certain herbs or crystals I can usually resource those.

Fortunately, it’s not necessary to have anything expensive or complicated for a personal ceremony.

Because it’s not so much what an object is but what it represents – plus your own clear, positive intention behind the Work – that matters.


That said, it’s your ritual so you create one that’s as lavish, beautiful and imaginative – or as low key and minimalist – as you like.

Some people for instance use plenty of flowers, leaves, tree branches, crystals, herbs, special objects, stones and incense to create things like large mandelas with a sizable fire in the centre. Others find they just want to perhaps use a scrap of paper with some meaningful words on it, a single flower and a circle of small stones.

But big or small, once you’ve carried out a personal shamanic ceremony with a little support, you would be all set to create more yourself, whenever you wanted.

Time & Place

The date, any astrological events, phase of the Moon, season of the year, time of day and environmental setting are all important things to take into account.

Sounds like a lot of trouble to go to? Perhaps. Especially when it’s a low key ‘Just for Me’ affair.

But as with cooking a meal so good that your guests are still talking about it months later, careful preparation and choosing the right ingredients is the biggest part of the work. And they can make every difference in the world.

Sure, you can ‘just do it’ anytime and anywhere. But your ritual’s likely to be far more effective if you factor in the following things first:

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Best Dates

Numerology is relevant here, and certain dates can be more auspicious than others. Go-to days include the 3rd, 7th and 11th of the month and any multiples thereof (eg 9 which is 3×3, or 21which is 3×7 and so on). Another special date is 8th, since it represents eternal renewal and balance.

Time of day

Different times in our 24 clock are helpful for different sorts of Work. However, two of the most special are dawn and dusk, especially if the rising Moon and Setting Sun or their light are both just visible in the sky.

For these are the In-Between times, the ‘open’ moments when it feels like everything is just waiting to be made possible. The brief windows in time when night and day hang in perfect balance, yet the cycle is not yet swung into the darkness of night or emerged into the brightness of day.

There’s a good deal of magical energy around at dawn and dusk too, for its now that the curtain between ordinary and non-ordinary reality is thin. So – ideal timings for a ceremony.

Which Season?

It depends on whereabouts in the world you live (and therefore how the seasons affect you at any one time) and upon your cultural heritage and beliefs.

But in northern hemisphere and western societies its often Spring for new beginnings, attitudes, goals and projects; midsummer for celebrations, autumn for honouring / reaping rewards of hard work, and winter for laying things to rest that which no longer serve you.

Astrological events

This is a huge area of study and there’s no room to do it any sort of justice here. But in (very) brief:

The starry events which may affect us include all sorts of things from eclipses and solar flares to comets passing Earth and plantery retrograde periods. Mercury’s, when things are not known for going smoothly, have the highest retro profile, but here are others. So its immensely helpful to do some research before picking your ritual date.

Specific planentary conjunctions can make a real difference too. Such as the Lion’s Gate portal which occurs between July 28 and August 12 when Earth, Sirius and Orion align with the constellation of Leo – felt to be a really potent time for manifestation, healing and transformation.

Any special days?

Lots. Including sacred seasonal days such as the Winter and Summer Solstices, Spring and Autumn Equinoxes, certain dates on the Celtic spiritual calendar like Beltane (Mayday) and Imbolc – or spiritually important cultural fixtures such as Obon, Japan’s Day of the Ancestors.

Phases of The Moon

Different phases of the Moon can have different effects.

For instance, the first eight days of the New Moon phase are great for setting intentions and therefore for holding a ceremony to launch a new project. A full Moon however, represents (amongst other things) the cumulation of hard work or things coming together, so it’s a perfect time to celebrate and bless an achievement.

However, if you wish to distance yourself from something, or to let someone go, pick a waning Moon for that represents endings, surrender and release.

Moon of the Month

The Full Moons of different months have their own distinct characteristics and gifts.

For example, May’s Flower Moon is the time for planting new seed/celebrating the new growth unfolding, so from a spiritual point of view its also a great time to launch a new idea or start manifesting something positive which you long for.

Or September’s Harvest Moon – traditionally the one of Thanksgiving for crops safely harvested in – is the perfect one for a gratitude or appreciation ritual.


Which natural settings especially lend themselves to particular types of this Work? and why. Such as rivers for Letting Go ceremonies (literally sending something off and away downstream with the river flow) streams, the sea, woods, heathland and hilltops…

Meet Your Power Animal

(1 session)

They’re Waiting!

If you have a strong desire to meet your Power Animal,

a persistent sense of who they might be, or a feeling that simply will not go away that they’re around – it’s likely they’ll want to meet you too. And that the time is now.

So if you wish, I could guide you on a sacred Journey to do so. We can go see them – usually on one of the different planes of reality (what shamen call non-ordinary reality) but sometimes a meetup might be on this plane.

You could well see your Power Animal clearly. Generally, this would be in your mind’s eye, rather than finding yourself sitting on the sofa with a Leopard on your lap.

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How it may feel

Yet there are no hard and fast rules. Everyone’s experience of meeting their Power Animal for the first time is unique to them alone.

Some clients I’ve worked with reported noticing things like the light brush of a whisker, the touch of sleek feathers beneath their hand, or solidity and warmth by their side.

Equally, you might simply have an impression of your Power Animal or feel their energy, rather than seeing or touching anything specific.

Can I hear them?

You would usually be able to communicate with them right away, and either hear (in your head) or sense them doing so with you. This communication might take the form of visuals, feelings and ‘knowings’; or actual words. 

Many people find they have 3 questions in particular for their Power Animal when they first meet them (‘What is your name?’ may lead nowhere though, as they often have no need of one as such):

  • How would you like to help me?
  • Why have you come forward at this time?
  • Is there anything specific you’d like to say to me?

You might also find you can briefly merge your energy with theirs to feel their calm, positive support and a stronger sense of who they are.

How long they’ll stay

Your Power Animal will remain with you after this. Maybe for a few years, but sometimes for life.

It is a true honour to have such a magical-sacred Being as a supporter and guide.

So it’s important to connect with them regularly and with respect – maybe simply spending time with them, getting used to and enjoying the feel of their energy? rather than only tuning in when you need support.

The more interaction you have with your Power Animal, the stronger your connection with each other will be. And over time, they may become an extraordinary friend who’s like no one else you’ll ever meet in your life.

All training and skill-sharing sessions are 1:1, in-person.

My introductory sessions are concise, bespoke skill-sharing than standard formalised training. They will give you a good grounding to begin doing all these things for your own self, your friends and family.

I can also, if you wish, offer you some ongoing mentoring support for your shamanic techque developmental skills.

The sessions are not, however, intended to equip you to work with the general public, or enable you to be insured to do so.

If you would be interested to study further so you can do that, that is wonderful – and I can if you’d like, suggest some reputable (not all are equally good) training organisations. They offer in-person training, face to face seminars, residential intensive workshops and two to four year practitioner courses.