What People are Saying

Barbara Collins

Energy Healer, and Artist

“Nickhola-Susanna is a master healer. She’s always able to pinpoint exactly what’s going on for you at all levels, and carry out the work required.

She holds within her timeless wisdom, powerful gifts and healing abilities honed over many lifetimes, and offered with humility and heartfelt love. Her help has been essential on my pathway and I am very grateful indeed to have met her.

Expect a warm welcome and be ready for miraculous release. Be ready for change.”

Jack Parrymore

IT Marketing Manager, and Musician

“I highly recommend sessions with Nickhola-Susanna for anyone seeking wholeness and peace that can be difficult to find during these stressful times.

My experience with her was extremely healing and relaxing and I never once felt pressured during our discussions or session itself. I have felt at various times since that the work has had a very positive impact – especially for mental health, clarity, anxiety and personal growth.

I’ve also had an immense sense of tranquillity ever since, felt considerably calmer, and less stressed with more creative drive. In fact, just everything we did has had a marked impact. I can still feel my creative energy returning – I wrote a new song almost straight afterwards – and am glad we worked on this as a priority.”

Charlotte G


If you get a chance to be with Nickhola-Susanna, snap it up. You will not regret it: she is incredible.

I’ve had just two sessions with her so far but we’ve cleared psychic attacks, woundings, old dysfunctional family patterns and difficulties with others. I feel able to let go more around my partner and allow him to be him and me to be me much more, so I am less worried and controlling. I feel guided to my creative journey, and now protect myself each day. I feel less dissociated and more connected with myself, and like a flow is happening through me and in me. Every morning I am able to take a walk in nature and am making lists of creative things I wish to do as well as my decluttering.

Yet when I first went to see Nick I was really undermined in my relationship, my creativity and overwhelmed by life admin. I had aches and pains along the right side of my body (maybe mirroring my work and relationship stress). My partner was very low, and his depression was affecting me hugely because I was getting caught up in trying to ‘fix ‘him : which is of course highly inappropriate and not what he wanted. I wanted to write but wasn’t doing so; was extremely caught up in what others thought of me, and also about being ‘ good or bad’ in terms of my creativity.

In Nick’s sessions she creates the most unbelievably divine experience, where you lie on a sumptuously soft massage bed with feather pillows, blankets, hot water bottle and roses …

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“Before you arrive, she has tuned into you and created a drawing where she notes what stresses there are in your body, which chakras are affected, what is happening in your entire energy field, and what woundings or knocks are activated in your system and coming up for healing right now, thus giving you yourself the choices as to where the session could go. It all feels deep, and incredibly on point.

She guides you to choose what to work on; then once you are lying on her treatment couch, curates an in-depth clearing and healing with imagery, story and metaphor for the different areas of your being. It feels natural, true, real and relevant, and she welcomes your own inner wisdom to join in and check which way to travel. She is incredibly humble but her artistry and awareness of how to lead so you feel like (and indeed, are) are guiding too is incredible.

I feel now that my life is coming together, and I am more liberated and free to be me. For instance, I ran a Workshop the day after my second session; where I was for once delightfully prepared and had given myself enough time to do this. I feel Nickhola-Susanna is guiding me in deep feminine principles on how to flow and how to live in love and joy – instead of in survival mode and fear which can be my norm. I now feel free to be me and to have space in this world to explore my dreams and wishes.”

Zoe Ansty

Organic Local Produce Distributer, and Safeguarding Consultant

“Having now had a couple of sessions with Nickhola-Susanna, I feel so much better in mind and body. I was a cynic beforehand, but intrigued.

I definitely wasn’t sure what to expect. But I approached with an open mind, have experienced huge changes – and am physically definitely improved.
For example I have had severe carpel tunnel dysfunction that has been painful for a long time, and was on the NHS priority list for an emergency operation but since the very first healing with Nikki, had no pain at all. Not even a tingle! And the back pain which I’d had for ages, improved.

I also feel mentally lighter and clearer in thought and mood.

The sessions are incredibly enlightening and interesting and she makes you feel totally at ease in her company as she guides you through the process. Looking forward to my next session.

Harry P. Weaver

Charity Worker

From the moment I entered NickholaSusanna’s home, I felt I was in a very special place. She exudes warmth and care and her home is beautiful. You can tell how much thought she has out into it making it a lovey place for clients. I felt healing from just being in such a delightful environment.

Nickhola is a wonderful shamanic healer, full of insights that really resonated with me and shone a lightness into my being. She brings colour, kindness and creativity to her work and I left her home with a spring in my step and new wisdom gained. Thank you so much Nickhola.

Ursina Z

Property Manager, and Vegan Specialist

“You have solved so much in me, and led me on a new path. Thank you!

Heather Hawthorne

Parenting Course Facilitator, Angelic Reiki Master, Compassion Key Practitioner, Angel Card Creator

I received the most wonderful healing from Nik. It was beyond words – but I shall try! I had sought a session as it had been a time of great change for me. Nik asked to tune into me before the session and what she told me was so resonant. The space was comfortable and beautiful and I felt implicit trust. The session was so deep, magical and very beneficial. And I have since felt the stirrings of blessed change in my life.

This is a one-of-a-kind session with a priestess who, whilst being grounded, is able to connect with many realms, I feel Nik to be totally trustworthy and deeply gifted. Thank you.

Joshua Haggard

Communications Technician

“Nickhola-Susanna is an extremely easy person to talk to. She possesses such a calming energy which makes me very comfortable, relaxed and easy to open up to. I have had two sessions with her so far, both of which have left me feeling really calm, and emotionally detoxed.

I would hugely recommend her to everyone and anyone who can find the time to better their lives.

Stacie Madden

Body Positive Personal Trainer, and Belly Dance Teacher

“My session with Nickhola-Susanna was life-changing. And I loved it.

Nicole Gasson

Property & Cleaning Management, and Extreme Fitness Competitor

“As a first-time visitor to Nickhola-Susanna (and to healing of any sort) I can honestly say she exceeded my expectations. She made me feel instantly calm, welcome and peaceful. She really takes the time to make your entire experience and journey relaxing, and all about you.

I was impressed by her knowledge, her wisdom and the personal touches she put into our session. From the herbal tea (made from herbs we picked from her garden) to the comfort of her words and the cosy soft treatment couch, I felt so relaxed.

There were a few ‘wow!’ moments too in my session. By this, I mean the moments when she picked up on some feelings that I’d never shared with anyone before. I wanted these feelings / wounds healed, and they were taken care of gently. I left feeling like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

I would highly recommend her services.

Amanda Redford

Hairdresser, Salon Owner & International Lecturer

“Wonderful Nickhola-Susanna! I have had a few different types of healing over the years with different healers that I benefitted from greatly, but once I found Nikki the experience and the journey has been like no other. I would even go so far as to say they have got me through some of the toughest times in my life.

The thought, the attention to me as a person, and the environment she creates is amazing. Nikki always goes above and beyond to make your whole time with her a truly wonderful, peaceful and personalized experience.

For me, this has taken me on my own journey to learn more about the Shaman’s way. And she is now sharing some protection, grounding and clearing training with me; plus also supporting me to develop my journeying technique (which was not coming so easily after a course I went on) so that I may discover my own abilities to help others in this ancient way.

I cannot recommend this woman highly enough.

Libby D

Integrated Therapy Specialist & Environmental Activist

“At a time when I needed support, a wonderful practitioner was there for me and helped me lift myself up. Her name was Nickhola-Susanna.

We sat quietly and talked. I was truly listened to and held emotionally. I was asked what I felt and saw. I had had a she-wolf in my mind throughout an extremely difficult time in my life, struggling with violence and emotional distress and this image had given me strength. It wasn’t something I realised was a ‘power animal’ as I was unaware of this shamanic work, but all the same there she was.

Working with my power animal began immediately after my session. My She-Wolf became a gentle, loving companion who was always present. I was shown how I could work with her as a source of support on so many levels from thought to meditation, also in times of stress in my personal and professional life.

How has this helped? By allowing my busy brain to focus, to take stock, to stop and breathe. To have strength and conviction in my own decision-making. I became whole again. A great sense of self awareness and self worth developed through working with my power animal.


Health & Shiatsu Practitioner

“Nickhola-Susanna’s journeys for me have been very illuminating. It felt like the answers were reflected in the rich tapestry of images and words, giving me a distinct flavour of the action I was required to take.