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Seekers - With You for The Journey

What happens in a session?

There are no typical shamanic healing sessions. They’re as individual as those who come for them, and entirely depend on what will be most helpful at any given time.

But if you came to see me, first, I ensure you feel safe, heard and held. Then together, we go look for the underlying spiritual cause of the issue which has brought you here.

I will have done a preliminary diagnostic remote checkup before we meet.
This involves taking a respectful and non-intrusive look at your energy field – with your permission – across the airwaves during the previous week, to see what issues are currently presenting themselves for healing. I draw a visual representation of this, and share the results with you in full when we meet.

It is then up to you (and Spirit) which ones you would like us to work on together, and in what order. You might choose to work on them all, or prefer to address a particular one at this time.

Where you’d have your outdoors session

Where your indoors session would be

For the treatment itself, you’d be invited to relax on a massage-style couch, upon a soft pile of duvets and feather pillows in front of a woodburning stove, with warm blankets tucked round you, and a hot water bottle in winter. If your session’s outside – beneath the 200 yr old Oak tree growing on top of a power vortex, on a secluded stretch of riverbank I’m lucky enough to call my own – the setup’s the same, minus the stove (see Booking).

How’s it Done?

The Work is carried out hands-off: just a light touch on your shoulders to begin, and then again on your feet as the session ends. If you’d prefer no touch at all, that is also fine.

People usually begin to feel warm, relaxed and sleepy after a few minutes. Some fall asleep altogether.

If you wish, I can quietly let you know what I am working on and what’s happening as we go along. You can take a more active part in the process itself, or choose to simply receive in peace.

Many people associate shamanic treatments with powerful drumming, rattles, singing, ceremonial dancing, big fires, full-on trance work, and are drawn to the traditionalism, energy and theatre of that.

Lower Key

However, though I honour all those things and love doing them, I work a bit differently since I combine mainstream spiritual healing with a wide range of powerful shamanic practices. I may use a drum softly at the beginning or the end, but my sessions are deep yet gentle and quiet, which often suits people who are more comfortable with a lower-key approach.

Vortext Oak Tree

The 200 year old riverbank Oak

Time in Nature

For the final part of the session, you would be invited to spend some time in nature by yourself: either on the riverbank or the beach. This allows the shamanic treatment to start integrating, and you to enjoy your peace.


It is strongly advised that you do not go back to work, or drive yourself home, straight after a shamanic treatment.

Perhaps ask a friend for a lift home or consider taking public transport: there are also several local taxi companies I could call for you. It’s also best to take the rest of the day either off, or as easy as you can.


How soon will I feel better?

Many people start to do so immediately.

However, it usually takes two to three weeks for a session’s full beneficial effects to unfold.

If you’ve also been offered a bit of homework to carry out – perhaps a simple ceremony, or a technique to practice – the more wholeheartedly you can do this, the better the Work we have done together will integrate into your system.

Starburst silver sun


You may have a temporary reaction to the treatment: perhaps being more tired than usual for a day or two, feeling emotional, or experience a brief flare up of any original symptoms.

Those things don’t last, and they are normal. However, the fee for your session includes a prompt free follow-up remote treatment to help things settle if need be.

How many appointments?

Some people only seem to need one at any given time. This can be enough to help restore balance within their system so they can then move forward with their healing journey.

Others may have a couple – occasionally more, before this can be achieved – depending on how deep seated or complex the issues presenting themselves for healing are, and how long they’ve been there.

And some might have an initial single session, but choose to come back again to undertake further work (either on the same or a different issue) months or even years later when things have moved on for them.

Who I work with

Everyone welcome! I work with people of all ages from babies and young children to seniors in their 90s: also animals, places, plants, spirits trapped on this plane, and with the land itself.

I specialize in supporting:


Who wish to:

  • Reclaim their personal boundaries, and get back any lost power which rightfully belongs to them.
  • Heal the source of their sexual / creative energy. Especially if they feel that this has been closed down, disrespected or damaged.


Sensitive and spiritually gifted people near the beginning of their journeys. Those feeling:

  • Overly sensitive
  • Out of balance
  • Destabilised by the sheer scale and pace of what’s opening up in front of them.

Tired professionals

Such as therapists, spiritual workers, nurses, doctors, carers – who are feeling drained, and in need of some nurturing for their own selves for a change.


Writers, musicians and artists of all types who feel:

  • Blocked
  • Uninspired
  • Burnt out
  • Muddled
  • Unable to manifest their ideas

Why me?

My approach:
thorough, gentle and affordable
Two very different practice locations: one by the beach, one by a river.
I teach, as well as treat.
Photo of Nickhola
Man on mountain

Are you ready?

If you choose to have a shamanic session – be ready for change. Possibly big change.

This is transformational stuff and can work fast.

It will also involve input from you yourself.

Get Set

Or as the first Shaman I ever met said with a big smile (before I’d even explained why I’d come): ‘All-riiiiiight! Are you ready to put in the Work?