healing while keeping gentle, healthy connection

Green Goddess

What is grieving, if not love persevering?


Bereavement can be a long, painful exhausting process which, whilst you are going through it, may seem to have no end. Yet many who have experienced it say deep loss and mourning can also be transformative, revelationary, freeing – and a doorway. Not just for the person who has died, but also for those they leave behind who love them still.

Every one of us deals with grieving in our own way, at our own pace, in our own time. There are no rules as such, no shoulds, no straight lines. But it can be very helpful to receive some soothing healing to bring in rest, calm, energy and balance to support you in doing whatever you need to during this time.

It can also help to know that there are gentle ways to remain lightly connected to the person whom you miss so very much.

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Ways in which you can continue to feel their ongoing love and support even though they are no longer physically with you. Yet without:

  • Interfering with your own recovery process,
  • Risking staying stuck in the past
  • Holding back the soul of the person who has died from the extraordinary spiritual journey they are now undertaking.

You may well have found those ways already. If so, may there be brightness and blessings upon both your own healing, and upon your pathway of love and remembering.

But if you feel you might like to quietly explore some additional ones, or wish for some healing energy to support you, I am here for you. And very much at your service.