What Can I Do for You?

Shamanic Services

How are you feeling right now?

If the answer’s ‘tired and flat all the time’, perhaps check out Attachments or Psychic Attack.

If there’s a health issue that arrived out of nowhere, try taking a look at Intrusions.

Should the same unhelpful patterns keep repeating themselves in your life, or if you have a deep fear of something fairly ordinary but no idea why – consider looking at Past Life Healing.

If you’ve started waking several times at night for no good reason, cannot get to sleep in the first place, or a particular area of your home feels off, see Ghosts & Gentle Spirit Release.

Unable to break away from someone – or something? Take a look at Tie-Cutting.

Not felt the same since a traumatic event (like a car accident or a difficult childbirth)? Do you have a sense that part of you is sort of missing – perhaps after an operation, or since a relationship broke up? See if Soul Retrieval resonates.

Or is a particular question tying you in knots? Can’t see your way out of a difficult situation? Journeying can help you get the clarity you seek.

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All these strategies can be offered individually, but usually more than one (sometimes several) will be needed during a single appointment. It is quite usual for, say, a Soul Part Retrieval, an Attachment Removal and a Tie-Cutting can be carried out in the same session.

There is no extra charge for addressing multiple issues using several different techniques during a single appointment.

I will always try to get through as many issues as a) we have time for, and b) that your system can tolerate comfortably. However, if there are many different or deep issues requiring healing, it’s likely you would need a further session (or sessions) to address with them all.


Removing Them

  • ‘I feel tired all the time.’
  • ‘Not sleeping properly: keep waking up suddenly for no reason.’
  • ‘I cannot think clearly these days.’

It’s sensible to get checked out by your doctor first, as these symptoms can also be caused by a wide variety of physical health issues ranging from nutritional factors like lack of B vitamins to the aging process, certain neurological conditions and chronic stress.

If those draw a blank however, it’s well worth considering esoteric possibilities such as an Energy Attachment. There are different types. But the most common are:

  • An energy form which does not belong with you becomes attached to your energy field.
  • When one person makes a strong, persistent but unwanted energetic connection to another, which drains or disturbs the recipient. This may be conscious (perhaps obsession, anger, desire, jealousy). Or they may have no idea they’re doing it.

Both are pretty common. Here’s what to do about them:

In the case of a type 1, the Attachment may perhaps choose to leave after a while, for another host it’s drawn to.

If it’s the type 2 sort, it might well weaken of its own accord over time. For instance if it’s someone who’s obsessed with you, they could get bored eventually and if so, the issue simply fades away.

But Attachments of both sorts can also be stayers, and need some persuasion to let go.

The idea of having something attached to you may sound a bit disconcerting, but don’t worry:

  • It’s sufficiently common for many spiritual practitioners regard it as the psychic equivalent of picking up a virus in winter.
  • An Attachment can always be removed.

Once it’s been separated from a person, the practitioner will then either:

  • Transmute that Attachment into positive energy (1st Law of Physics: Energy can neither be created nor destroyed: merely changed from one form into another)
  • Relocate it to where it truly needs to be.

Deep Peace

& Regeneration Sessions

Especially for anyone who’s:

  • New to shamanic work, and would like to experience a calming taster
  • Long-term tired out
  • In need of nurturing for themselves for a change

Deep Peace is a gentle but powerful energy healing session which:

  • Soothes stress
  • Rebalances your entire system
  • Calms a mind which may not have not wound down in a while
  • Clears anything unhelpful from your energy field
  • Brings energy back to any areas of your system (including your physical body) whose batteries have literally run flat.
  • Eases feelings of overwhelm and confusion
  • Grounds you firmly.


healing while keeping gentle, healthy connection

What is grieving, if not love persevering?


Bereavement can be a long, painful exhausting process which, whilst you are going through it, may seem to have no end. It is different for every one of us. Yet many who have experienced it say deep loss and mourning can also be transformative, revelationary, freeing – and a doorway. Not just for the person who has died, but also for those they leave behind who love them still. 

Every one of us deals with grieving in our own way, at our own pace, in our own time. There are no rules as such, no shoulds, no straight lines. But it can be very helpful to receive some soothing healing to bring in rest, calm, energy and balance to support you in doing whatever you need to during this time.

It can also help to know that there are gentle ways to remain lightly connected to the person whom you miss so very much.

Ways in which you can continue to feel their ongoing love and support even though they are no longer physically with you. Yet without:

  • Interfering with your own recovery process,
  • Risking staying stuck in the past
  • Holding back the soul of the person who has died from the extraordinary spiritual journey they are now undertaking.

You may well have found those ways already. If so, may there be brightness and blessings upon both your own healing, and upon your pathway of love and remembering.

But if you feel you might like to quietly explore some additional ones, or wish for some healing energy to support you, I am here for you. And very much at your service.


  • I’ve not felt the same since that screaming row
  • My shoulder’s always weak. No one knows why
  • My abdomen suddenly began hurting in one specific place. Yet the doctors can find nothing wrong

An Intrusion is something which has literally intruded upon your energy field, and remains stuck there like a dart.

Intrusions are often (but not always) strong negative thoughts or emotions sent to you by another person. This may have been done consciously or unconsciously. It may even have happened in a previous lifetime, and is coming up now to finally be dealt with.


Intrusions can happen quietly, with no fanfare. Or they may occur after an obvious incident like an explosive verbal argument (clients have reported feeling like they’ve been ‘peppered with shrapnel’ or ‘stabbed in the gut’).

This can cause tiredness, emotional distress, outright pain and physical dysfunction.


To heal an Intrusion, a shamanic worker does on an energetic level pretty much what a medical professional dealing with a physical wound would do. This involves:

  • Removing the Intrusion
  • Disposing of it safely
  • Cleansing the area
  • Bringing in healing to help repair and soothe
  • Closing up any break or tear the intrusion made as it entered your system.

Stop it happening again

One thing that will really help prevent any further Intrusions is to strengthen the boundaries of your own energy field (for how to do that, see Protection. This is invaluable for anyone who is:

  • Sensitive
  • Developing spiritually
  • An empath
  • Dealing directly with the public all day: Such as medical/veterinary staff, teachers, emergency services, therapists; those who work in pharmacies, banks, train stations, airports, call centres…


& Gentle Spirit Release

  • Odd, heavy or uneasy atmosphere
  • Items going missing / turning up in unlikely places
  • Sensitive electronic machinery like computers and phones going inexplicably and repeatedly wrong
  • Interrupted sleep / cannot fall asleep in first place

People may experience lost and stuck spirits as ghosts. Some feel benign. But others can cause uncomfortable atmospheres, or disruptive events such as pictures falling off the wall, fires alarms going off and computers playing up.

Poltergeists can produce kinetic events like those too. But those are generally chaotic energy projections from a living person – who often has no idea it’s they themselves who are responsible for the episodes.

What they are

The things people experience as ghosts are usually – but not always – spirits of humans or animals whose bodies have died, but whose souls remain on this earth plane. Some may have been stranded for a few days, weeks, a year, a decade; others for hundreds of years.

Most would very much like to go to the light, which many people call heaven, Spirit or simply Home.

Why they’re stuck

Because some spirits may be confused, or not even realise they’re no longer alive. They may also be deeply attached to where they are – such as a house they had lived in for years – and have no wish to leave it.

Some are unwilling to go because they do not feel safe to do so. Others because they just cannot find the way, have unfinished business on this plane, or are worried about something – perhaps a beloved person or animal, or a difficult family situation – that they’d be leaving behind.

And some do not want to leave without their story being witnessed, heard and respected first. Stranded spirits can also be upset, lonely, scared or downright angry – so they might need some help and kindness before they feel ready to leave (see below). If the spirit happens to be particularly negative however, additional support is given to the practitioner.

What to do

Shamanic practitioners will often talk with stuck spirits as if they were having an ordinary conversation with you or I.

They listen to the spirit’s story if the latter wishes to share it, help them adjust. They may also bring in the higher selves of any other persons or beings (it doesn’t matter whether they are alive on this plane, or not) if the stranded one wishes to talk with them – perhaps to achieve some closure, or say goodbye. Sometimes if appropriate, the practitioner may also offer some healing.

They then ensure the spirit goes safely and calmly to where they need to be.

There are also many powerful, compassionate beings and deities in every culture throughout the world who help guide spirits Home, such as the Egyptian god Anubis, Hermes (messenger of the ancient Greek gods who also guides souls to the otherworld), and Archangels Michael and Azriel.

Past Life Healing

You may feel past lives are a Thing, and have seen a few of your own. Or think they’re vanishingly unlikely. Maybe you sit somewhere in between. Shamanic practitioners would suggest you’ve probably had several already.

Yet we tend not to remember them. At least, not until recall of specific events is needed to help with something important on a spiritual level such as healing a former traumatic experience from way back.

Otherwise we’d be carrying around (and randomly accessing) a lot of soul memory data we’re unlikely to need, which could clutter up our consciousness and soon become a burden.

However, powerfully distressing experiences that happened in people’s past lives can affect them in their present existences too.

Maybe you?

Past life issues can present themselves in many different ways, including:

  • Unhelpful repeating pattern in relationships (Why do I always get the mean ones?)
  • Deep though apparently irrational fears (I lose it if I try to board a boat. Any boat.)
  • A health challenge that’s proving difficult to treat or even diagnose in the first place, such as puzzling gynaecological symptoms.

Accessing a past life for healing purposes should be gentle and low key. There are many techniques for doing this, and different therapists work in different ways.

How it works

If you came to see me however, I would first do some gentle energy work on your system to relax you, clear your energy field, and help your own true- seeing open up a bit.

Then you and I would then set a clear intention to be shown which previous life we need to look at, in order to bring healing to the issue currently affecting you.

It may however turn out there’s more than one past existence involved, possibly several; in which case it would not be feasible to work with them all in one session.

Taking a look

We’d then go on a sacred visualisation journey together, to view the first relevant past life.

Once there, you can watch the events unfolding like a movie. Seeing what happened can:

  • Help create understanding as to why it’s affecting you now
  • Facilitate healing, and resolution.

When you watch a past life unfold, its known as Witnessing.

Are past lives scary?

The process very rarely involves you experiencing any distressing emotions, even if you’re watching a particularly tough past life scenario.

It’s as if you’re just observing with detachment from some distance away, while the events unfold.

Some people have described it as ‘like looking down on the scene from a great height’ and ‘it was like I was there, but not there.’

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A few of the psychological approaches to trauma healing now used worldwide, such as Matrix Re-imprinting, and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, take a slightly similar approach. Though without actually saying in so many words that they too are working (to some extent) with spiritual energy as well as neurological re-programming. Possibly any reluctance to ‘name it’ is because the concept of esoteric energy is only gradually being accepted by the clinical community.

Some shamanic practitioners also use a similar past-life healing approach to help with a This-Life trauma: ie in the life you are living right now.

Healing This-Life traumas

Trauma-healing for events that happened in someone’s present life can be carried out in different ways. But if you and I were working together, it would involve, amongst other things:

  • Supporting you to ‘witness’ the event at a distance,
  • Co-creating an additional final positive stage, chosen by you yourself
  • Changing the vibration around what happened
  • Removing any unhelpful energies associated with it which may still be attached to, or around, you.
  • Repairing the damage that was done on a spiritual level
  • Bringing in healing energy to all involved.

When will I feel better?

The bottom line is that whichever method is used to heal a traumatic past event – whether it was in your present life or a past existence – the actual memories remain. The healing work causes recall to fade and weaken, but you don’t forget the incident completely.

The good news is that the power of those memories is taken away. And with it, their ability to cause distressing feelings or kick off negative reactions.

Many people begin feeling different straight away after a past life healing session. But the effects may also take several weeks to filter down from the spiritual level into your emotional system, and finally to your physical body.

It’s usually possible to bring healing to more than one past life in a single session. However, this work can also be pretty tiring for a client, so most people find that two or three (depending on what happens in them) are enough at one sitting.

Why does this help?

Past life healing cannot change what actually happened. But it can change the the way you feel about it, and therefore the energy of it how it affects you in this life. Because the negativity, powerlessness and distress from that event has been replaced with peace and closure.


  • Need impartial, helpful guidance on a confusing situation?
  • Seeking an answer to a difficult question?

Journeying is an ancient sacred astral travelling technique found in many indigenous cultures worldwide, whereby the practitioner goes to other dimensions and realities. They do so by entering an altered state of consciousness.

There are several different way to reach that altered state, including drumming, dancing, chanting, ritual, taking mind-altering substances, meditation, visualization and deep prayer.

Once the practitioner is there, they can seek out clarity on a messy situation, or an answer to a question currently tying their client in knots. Journeying can also be used for sending powerful healing, and/or strong protection to someone.

De-coding your answer

But as with many magical-spiritual things, the advice or reply often comes in the form of a story, a series of metaphors, or a succession of images. It’s down to you yourself to consider them carefully, so you can work out the message.

Sometimes you may have an immediate ‘Aha!’ But you may need several days or even weeks to feel your way into it, and understand fully just what you have been shown.

It’s important however that it’s you who works out the meaning of your journey story; and it’s not interpreted by the practitioner themselves – unless you specifically ask them for help. The information is not meant for them. It’s meant for you.

Learn how for yourself

If you wished, I can share the basics of Journeying with you so you can do so effectively and safely for yourself, whenever you need to. It can be a totally invaluable tool for navigating life (see Journeying).


& Compassionate Depossession

  • ‘This isn’t like me’: behaving out of character

  • Feels like there is someone else in my head

  • Experiencing new disturbing or negative thoughts / imaginings

  • I feel tired / lacklustre /restless / ‘not right’ – all the time

Feeling this way may have many different causes including burnout, prolonged stress, mental health issues and hormonal imbalance so it’s well worth checking these possibilities out with your clinician.

However, in the same way as a weakened immune system makes you more vulnerable to Covid, if someone’s physical, mental or spiritual health is not strong or if they are sensitive, they can be more vulnerable to being intruded upon by beings and souls who lack their own physical body.

Why they’ve arrived

Usually the visiting soul – some practitioners call them Suffering Spirits – is lost, unhappy or scared. And they’re lodging with you because they don’t know what else to do, don’t realise they have a choice of where to be, or cannot find their way Home.
So a shamanic practitioner has two clients here: yourself, and your visitor.

Possession can be a startling idea (‘I’ve got an extra what living in me?’) but in fact, it’s not unusual. And there’s a powerful, compassionate and respectful way to resolve the situation effectively – but without the drama sometimes seen in scary movies.

What we’ll do

First, you and I would talk to your visitor, then perhaps listen to their story, and calmly hear their own take on the situation if they needed to offer that. Then we’d ask them if there was a place where they truly belonged, or needed to be.

If required, they would also be given healing.

Next, the visitor would be kindly but firmly persuaded to leave, and guided to the Home that was right for them. This is often somewhere they’d longed to be or chosen themselves. But it may also simply be a place where they could cause no further problems.

Power Loss & Protection

Any of your own energy and power which had been taken or used up by your visitor, would be replaced.

Finally, any gaps in your energy field would be closed down, and a strong protective barrier placed round you.

Learning some quick and simple techniques to keep your own energy barriers strong, makes it far less likely that you will ever be intruded upon again.

If you feel you might like to do this, I could share some with you: See Protection (Training section).

Spirit Animals

meet yours

There are different types, including:

Power Animals

These are high vibrational guardian spirits and helpers who take the form of an animal when they relate to humans. If you have one with you, they will be here specifically for you, and you alone.

You may have one particular Power Animal who stays with you throughout your whole life. You may also find different ones arrive at different times to help with various stages of your spiritual development, then step back again when they are no longer needed.

At some times of your life you may have several at the same time, each supporting specific aspects of your journey, and helping you navigate the world in general.

How they help

A Power Animal is a valuable magical-spiritual ally. It’s an honour and an adventure when one chooses to be with you.

They can offer you companionship, protection, strength, teaching and wise advice, if you are open to the lessons they bring, and work with them with respect and affection.

And like many deep relationships, the more time you spend with your Power Animal and the more interaction you have together, the stronger and more joyous your connection can grow.

Totem Animals

They support and guide too, but differ from Power Animals in specific ways. Many traditional societies believe that:

  • Each person belongs to a soul group or tribe watched over and guided by a particular nature spirit (their Totem) for life.
  • There are many different tribes or Totems it’s possible to belong with. Those differ, depending on which culture and country you are living in.

What are they?

It depends. For First Nation Americans for instance, there are 12 Totem tribe animals you might belong with: including the Wolf tribe, the Bear tribe and the Wild Horse tribe.

But in many other cultures, such as the Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islanders of Australia, Totems are a more complex thing for they depend on the area your tribe lives in, your family, and your Clan. They have many additional types of Totem too: not only animals but also things from the natural world such as rocks, plants and trees.

  • When someone belongs to a Totem group, they share characteristics not just with the Totem being, but with the other people in that group as well.

Such as?

People belonging to the First Nation Americans’ Wolf tribe for instance, are thought to have Wolf-like characteristics – in that they are freedom-seekers, compassionate, fiercely loyal, deeply loving, have the courage to walk their own true paths, are intelligent, brave, with a talent for leadership and setting a high value on community.

Their downside? (we’ve all got one) is said to be a tendency towards isolation – lone Wolf – selfishness, difficulty trusting, arrogance, and a liking for control.

Some additional examples from Aborigine societies are that a Snake totem is said to share its powerful gifts of fertility and renewal; Wallaby offers it’s magical agility and adaptability; Kookaburra, joy and good humour; and Koala: intuition, nurturing and protection.

Getting a Power Animal

You don’t actively ‘get’ a Power Animal as in: hey, having a big White Anaconda would be good; I’ll ask Spirit for one. Your Power animal chooses to come to you.

In fact, they may have waited patiently to meet you for many years. They often make themselves known when:

  • You need a specific type of support which they can offer
  • You have a deep and genuine desire – rather than just a degree of natural curiosity – to meet and know them.

Clues & Signs

Has a particular animal persistently been appearing in your life: in dreams, pictures, greeting cards, TV, movies, meeting them out in nature?

Have you been fascinated by, or drawn to, a particular one for ages but no idea why? Do you feel like you have any personality traits or physical characteristics in common with them?

It’s only human to (perhaps, secretly?) hope for a Power Animal who’s, say, a magnificent Jaguar or a huge white Wolf. Yet the strength, teaching, support and spiritual medicine offered by every single one, including for instance Earthworm, Cockroach or Mosquito, can be just as potent and special.

Size and outer packaging are irrelevant.

Finding a Totem

Totems offer a sense of identity and belonging as well as spiritual support. And a person may have been aware for a long time that they have such a connection, even though this knowing may at first be tucked away in their subconscious.

Your Totem might be an animal spirit. Or depending on the culture you live in, it may equally be another type of Nature being such as the spirit of a tree.

How you will know

Many shamanic practitioners feel that if you have a strong pull towards a particular Totem, then that’s the one for you. Others say it depends on your birth date or Moon sign.

In fact, the First Nation Americans’ animal zodiac system is based on this.

But in many societies (such as the Aborigine) you would not choose your Totem for yourself.

So who does it?

It would be assigned to you by a senior member of your family, or a tribal Elder.

Someone who grows up living close to nature or in an indigenous culture, may meet – or be assigned – their Totem early in their lives.

However, especially for those living in urban environments (which most of us do) the meeting may not happen till much later. Possibly after the spirit has been trying to show itself for years by dropping hints in different ways, hoping you would notice.


If you feel ready to encounter your Power Animal, or have a sense that you have a Totem identity and would like to explore that, I can take you on a sacred shamanic journey to do so.

Because one thing’s for sure: if you really want to meet them – they’ll want to meet you too.

(See Meet & Work With Your Power Animal).

Psychic Attack

stopping it

Popularly known as someone having a go at you, psychic attacks are pretty common. The effects range from slight to very noticeable.

  • Feeling tired or drained
  • Unsettled/ uneasy for no reason
  • Feels like you’re being watched, ill-wished, or ‘as if I’ve done something wrong’.
  • Not feeling well in general
  • A specific area of your physical body abruptly develops a problem

An attack may be completely unconscious on the perpetrator’s part and they’ll have no clue they’re upsetting you. Or it may be deliberate. Either way, shamanic practitioners can deal psychic attack.


First by stopping the interference itself. Second, healing any damage it may have done. And third, by setting up a strong protective barrier around your energy field.

The latter works best if you are also shown how to maintain that protection for yourself. Because like the power in a rechargable battery, it tends to drop over time and needs regular topping up (See Self Protection).

Sometimes however the situation may be more complicated, in that a lasting negative energy construct has been created, usually by a person who does not wish another well. When that happens, many practitioners would refer to it as a curse.


The possibility may sound medieval. But curses aren’t so unusual, even today. They are more common in some countries and cultures (such as Africa, and some parts of South America) than others but they crop up on a regular basis in western societies too.

Curses can be passed down through generations. They may impact on entire families (sometimes just certain members) over decades or even centuries. And they can affect all sorts of things including areas of land, relationships, buildings, businesses and individual people. They can be set deliberately, or unconsciously. In fact, you can even unwittingly curse yourself if you have a sufficiently strong negative self-belief.

The giveaway is often: Why do things keep going wrong, no matter how hard I try?
Why is my life (or a particular area of it) so difficult?

Dealing with them

Experienced specialist shamanic workers can sort curses out very effectively by unravelling them: ie re-arranging then erasing the negative energy construct in such a way that it will never have existed in the first place.

They will also undertake to bring healing, balance and compassion to all those affected, including any ancestors/descendants – and also to the perpetrator themselves, thus ensuring the highest good for all involved.

It’s well worth knowing however that if anyone is indeed affected by curse energy, its very important to get it sorted. And sorted by a practitioner who knows what they are doing, since anyone who’s not sufficiently experienced and properly trained, could well make things worse. If the curse simply left alone however, it’s:

  • Not going to go away of its own accord


  • Anything else you try doing to improve matters (such as ordinary healing, psychological therapy, medical intervention, changing jobs, moving house) isn’t going to be much help until that negative energy construct is removed.

Getting the right help

Curse-breaking is specialized, complex work, and not something I usually offer.

However if you need specific help in this area, contact a reputable shamanic training organisation such as The Sacred Trust ( They will have details of members who have a particular interest in this field, the right training and sufficient experience to work with it both safely and effectively.

Failing that, I could offer you details of colleagues I have worked with, who are skilled in this area.

How soon will I feel better?

Many people will feel a considerable improvement after a psychic attack has been dealt with or a curse broken, within 24 hours.

But this Work can take several weeks to integrate fully into your system. Some clients even report positive changes still happening after a curse was unraveled, for months.

If however you should start feeling worse afterwards instead of better, or should any new, negative or unhelpful things start happening after a curse-breaking session, contact your practitioner straight away. It may well be that some additional finishing-off Work needs doing promptly.

Remote Treatments

I can work with you remotely: sending healing support or carrying out spiritual interventions when you and I are physically in different places.

This is just as effective as if we are in the same room from the point of view of the Work itself. Though it’s even more comforting and supportive when you are relaxing on my couch …

I have often worked this way with clients when they were at home in America, Ireland, Australia and Switzerland and I was in my study in England.

I do all first-time appointments with new clients in person.

But I’m totally happy to do any subsequent appointments remotely, if that is what would work best for you.

Soul Retrieval

  • I’ve never felt the same since X happened.
  • I feel like a piece of me is missing.
  • Part of me feels numb

Shamanic practitioners believe that part of a person’s soul may split off and leave in response to trauma: such as an accident, sexual abuse, a medical operation, a difficult childbirth, severe emotional shock or bullying.

They call this Soul Part Loss. This loss of a soul part (a part of your soul) is the spiritual equivalent of psychological dissociation.

Another scenario is that someone, known as a Soul Thief, takes a soul part from another person, and keeps it for themselves. And they might no idea they’ve done it.

Break ups

It’s also possible to give away a soul part yourself. This can be done for example, during an intense love relationship. ‘I gave you my heart’ isn’t just words.

And when that relationship ends, one or both parties may (consciously or unconsciously) still long to be connected in some way, so be unwilling/unable to return any soul parts of each other’s they still have.

Loss of a soul part is often one of the (many) reasons why moving on after a relationship breaks down can feel so painful and difficult. And it can help greatly to get those soul parts back, reuniting them with their true owners so both parties can become whole again, go on to recover fully and move forward with their lives.

Healing soul loss

If you had given one of your own soul parts away without being aware of it, a shamanic worker would go looking for it, bring it back and reunite it with you.

If the soul part has left of its own accord due to shock, fear or distress, a shamanic worker would still go searching for it. But when they found it, they’d offer it reassurance that the event which caused it to leave will never happen again. That soul fragment would also be given healing and clearing if need be; then reunited it with you.

If however that part was actually taken by another person, the practitioner first talks with the Soul Thief’s higher self. They will persuade them to return that which is not theirs, then bring the missing soul fragment back to its rightful owner. Again, the part might be gently cleansed and given healing before it is reunited with you.

Tie Cutting

  • Cannot ‘put behind you’ a person or former situation?
  • A job you had to leave, a specific time that was either very happy or especially difficult, or a relationship that didn’t work out?
  • Something keeps pulling you back when you try to move on
  • Someone in your life is being controlling or needy

Sometimes an energetic link or cord connecting us with that which we’d prefer to break away from, persists.

Such a link can be to a person, a place, a situation, a job, a home, a country or even a former version of your own self. These cords can last for years – or even lifetimes, if the issue is a karmic one.

But there is a compassionate, effective and careful way of undoing them. It’s this:

How to do it

  1. You and I would together talk with the Higher Self of the person, place or situation who’s made the tie. We’d explain that we mean them no harm, but that you need to reclaim the integrity of your own energy field.
  2. The energetic cord the connection between you both would be cut at your end
  3. The same will be done at the end of the one you were attached to
  4. That cord will be dissolved
  5. The break your energy field where the cord was attached to you will be closed. Ditto for whoever/whatever initiated the tie.
  6. Strong protection will be placed around you, so your boundaries are firm.
  7. If needed, the tie-maker may be offered some healing to help them adjust. And if it’s something or someone who will sorely miss being connected to you, they might also have some comforting energy placed around them temporarily to help them adjust
Read More

If you might be interested to learn the technique for cutting any future unwelcome ties yourself, see Tie-Cutting, on the training page.

And if you’d like to know how to strengthen your energy field so any unwelcome ties are considerably less likely in the future, see Self Protection.

Who’s doing the Work?

Not me (as such). I’m just a trained sacred facilitator and space holder who, with loving respect, brings healing energies through into the 3D. That is the case for all spiritual workers, of all types.

This power is not our own.

For the truth is that in every spiritual healing session, the real Work is carried out by high vibrational beings and powerful sources of positive energy.

Who are they?

These include the angelic and archangelic realms, pure white Christ light, and the universal energy which many call God or Spirit: all of which mainstream spiritual healers work with.

In shamanic sessions however, you are equally likely to have support offered by energies presenting themselves in other ways as well.

These include your own ancestors, ancient deities, the forces of earth, air, fire and water, the spirits of animals, birds, rivers, trees, mountains, rocks, tides, the moon, our own sun, plus energies and beings from stars, planets and other dimensions – to mention but a few.

Will I see them?

This does not take away from the fact that most energy workers believe all benign spiritual power ultimately comes from God/Spirit anyway if you go back up the esoteric hierarchy far enough.

Will you notice those energies? Perhaps. Some people do in detail. Others report impressions of colours, a rapid succession of images, brightness or warmth. Many are simply aware of feeling peaceful.

But it doesn’t much matter whether you’re practically seeing a technicolour movie in your head or fast asleep. The Work will be carried out anyway.